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The Dining Rooms - Experiments In Ambient Soul 2004/electronic, nu jazz, downtempo - скачать mp3, download

Хорошая Музыка  

The Dining Rooms - Experiments In Ambient Soul 2004/electronic, nu jazz, downtempo Продолжаем собирать вкусности итальянской кухни. Приятного аппетита.
Like a family tree, Ambient has expanded in so many different ways that it's easy to confuse the various hyphenates that have since spawned from such an innocuous genre.
Acid Jazz seemed to have revolutionized the landscape but didn't turn many heads, let alone setting aural lobes ablaze. In the case of Ambient Soul, a relatively new genre that is personified by The Dining Rooms' "Experiments In Ambient Soul," TDR interlaces a collection of encompassing and emotive Jazz and Funk-infused elements courtesy of Italian's Stefano Ghittoni, a resident DJ in Milan, and Cesare Malfatti, a talented musician in his own right.
Mr. Ghittoni's DJ residency shines through on the CD as he maintains a lounge atmosphere, while Mr. Malfatti's involvement in various Blues side projects further adds a consistency towards unfurling a diverse and satisfying soulful Jazz addition to any collection.
Stand-out selections include the second track, "Diamonds & Comforts." The song begins with a rap intro that I was hoping wouldn't continue and thankfully doesn't and instead gives way to Stefania Giarlotta's strong backing vocals.
The third track, "Afrolicious," could easily accompany any of the 'Ocean's 11' sequels. The track is fun and definitely funky and also reminiscent of the Acid Jazz group, Down To The Bone.
On the fourth track, "Driving," the driving vocals of Sean Martin is one of those feel-good songs that resonated with me, combining a vibrant guitar, laid back bass groove and an old school organ making this one of several favorite songs.
The fifth track, "Milano Calibro," is awesome and not backed by supporting vocals. This head-bobbing barrage of bass, drums, and organ accompaniment makes this track not only come alive but I pictured myself in some kind of high-speed pursuit of the theatrical kind.
Other tracks feature the spoken word as a narrative, of sorts, something I didn't fully appreciate, while the title track and "Thin Ice" were too short—under three minutes—which is fine but I like my Jazz tracks relatively longer and filling than that.
Upon further research into the duo calling themselves The Dining Rooms, I wasn't able to extrapolate anything as to where this somewhat unique name was coined although perhaps Mr. Ghittoni & Mr. Malfatti were contemplating names while sitting in someone's dining room. In any case, TDR is a welcome addition to not only my eclectic music collection but should also be considered for yours as well.

Материал предназначены ТОЛЬКО для ознакомительного использования!!! Любое коммерческое использование - НЕЗАКОННО! Скачивая файл, вы, возможно, нарушаете авторские права создателей. Поэтому, Вы обязаны скачав файл, ознакомиться с содержанием удалить запись и купить лицензионный DVD или CD.
Вы можете предъявить свои претензии к поисковым системам, где в свободном доступе и находится информация, которую я представляю.
Если Вы являетесь автором материала или обладателем авторских прав на него и против его использования на сайте , пожалуйста пройдите по этой ссылке

1. No Problem
2. Diamonds & Comforts
3. Afrolicious
4. Driving
5. Milano Calibro 9
6. Destination Moon
7. Il Girotondo Dei Grandi
8. Within
9. Forever's Not
10. Experiments in Ambient Soul
11. Thin Ice
12. The World She Made

Внимание! У вас нет прав для просмотра скрытого текста.

Ключевые теги: electronic, downtempo, downtempo, nu jazz, jazz, nu jazz
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      #1 написал: D-2204 (15 марта 2009 14:57)  
    Расколбас, а есть у тебя 99 год?

      #2 написал: kostelo (15 марта 2009 15:48)  
    приятный музон, спс особенно Forever's Not и Thin Ice
      #3 написал: 1coolbass (16 марта 2009 06:08)  
    нет,пока нет. Есть 2001ого Numero Dеux,в среду выложу.

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