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Orgone - Fuzzed Up (2013) / funk, blues-rock - скачать mp3, download

Хорошая Музыка  

Мечта никогда не обманИт.

Orgone - Fuzzed Up (2013) / funk, blues-rock

01. Hannibowls Revenge (2:01)
02. Up The High End (2:31)
03. Levine And Direct (3:08)
04. Pops Brownstar (2:03)
05. Swinging Grits (2:30)
06. Deuce InThe Hole (2:04)
07. QuitThe Bit (2:24)
08. Skeeter (2:04)
09. Catch A Meyer (3:03)
10. Downtown Plastique (2:49)
11. LaCienega And Out (3:15)
12. Serge WentThere (2:53)

rusfolder - 320 kbs
zippyshare - 320 kbs

Fuzzed Up (Deep East) is an all new, all instrumental album from Los Angeles’ Orgone that was released earlier this year, but I was not aware of it until the other day, so I decided to check it out. They are a funk band who like to add in elements of rock, soul, jazz, and Afrobeat into their music so some tracks may sound like a deep Meters track, others may be along the lines of Poets Of Rhythm or Big Chief, while other times things may lean towards The Stooges or the MC5, as if they’re traveling to various funky cities and getting off on everything from food to women to stereo equipment from 1971. It’s blistering musically, and its ugly and gritty on the audio side, not bootleg by any means but it has the feel of something that was decided in a live room with live people playing this music live. A song like “Swinging Grits” may be perfect as background music for your latest skateboard, surfing, or skiing film, while “Deuce In The Hole” sounds like what would happen if the Edgar Winter Group decided to hang out with Art Neville and Zigaboo Modeliste while leaving the guys in ZZ Top to comb their beards in the hallway. The album title is perfect: Fuzzed Up, because that’s what these tracks are. Let this ride all night long until the sun comes up. -- thisisbooksmusic.com

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      #1 написал: metisss003 (28 мая 2013 21:36)  
    шикарнейшая машина. как и музыка! спасибо.+

      #2 написал: sokolov_oleg_iv (29 мая 2013 17:52)  
    люблю ударные...
      #3 написал: Dude74 (29 мая 2013 19:19)  
    Оу Е!!!

      #4 написал: metisss003 (29 мая 2013 23:41)  
    таки утащил коврик себе на декстоп. super

      #5 написал: idasv (22 августа 2013 17:09)  
    вторая ссылка жесткая. wink хорошо, что у меня комодо.
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