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MazzSacre "+" (2015) / jazz, free jazz, modern, drone, experimental - скачать mp3, download

Хорошая Музыка  

"+" is a new studio album form Jerzy Mazzoll - one Poland's most renowned free jazz musicians. The recordings took place in 2012 and 2014 and Mazzoll was assisted by (among others) Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (well known for his work with John Zorn) and Radek Dziubek of alternative all-star combo Innercity Ensemble.

"+" is a unique album in Mazzoll's discography - more of a studio experiment than standard recording. - "+" took a very different path to come into life - admits Mazzoll. - First I recorded a series of solo compositions for a bassoon clarinet and this later became the foundation for next recordings. Then came Shanir who played (on oud, double bass and bass guitar) along chosen tracks, pretty much as he would do with a script, and the drummers - one of whom didn't get to hear my tracks, and the other Shanir's.

The whole line-up for this record includes: Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (oud, double bass, bass guitar), Jacek Stromski (drums), Piotr Dunajski (trombone), Mariusz Kawalec (alto saxophone), Oleg Dziewanowski (drums) and Radek Dziubek (electronics). All the tracks were mastered by Marcin Dymiter (Emiter) and the artwork was created by Marcin Łojek.

The album comes out in two different editions, one of which is a two-disc with a bonus live recording. - A day after the recording we hit the stage. That day I felt very bad, tired, and I was far from admitting that this event was something special - remembers Mazzoll. - Nevertheless I played honestly, with all my strength. The concert took place in a wonderful place - Galeria Warzywniak but it's purpose in the first place was to allow Shanir earn some cash. After some time it turned out that my friend Danusia Kiewłen, who took pictures that night, also recorded the whole thing on her camera and uploaded some of this onto YouTube. About 1,5 years later someone showed me this and I finally understood how good this concert was. I made Danusia find those memory cards and Marcin Dymiter did everything he could to make it sound as it should.
released 16 April 2015

Jerzy Mazzoll – bass clarinet
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz – double bass, oud, electric bass guitar
Oleg Dziewanowski – drums and percussion
Radek Dziubek – live electronics and noisy post creation
Jacek Stromski – drums
Piotr Dunajski – trombone
Mariusz Kawalec – alt saxophone


1. Lust 05:38
2. Gluttony 06:22
3. Greed 05:05
4. Sloth 05:23
5. Wrath 07:46
6. Envy 07:24
7. Pride 05:45


FLAC http://rusfolder.com/44080663

Ключевые теги: jazz, free jazz, modern, drone, experimental
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      #1 написал: PnL (14 августа 2015 19:59)  
    Отлично! Спасибо.
    FLAC бы...
      #2 написал: induss (14 августа 2015 23:17)  
    люблю такое, спасибо
      #3 написал: Garik (15 августа 2015 06:55)  
      #4 написал: moroziche (15 августа 2015 22:25)  
    хорошие, на Hery похожи, тоже поляки)

      #5 написал: yanagisawa (17 августа 2015 08:50)  
      #6 написал: truba27 (17 августа 2015 10:22)  
    страшне. но брать нада.

      #7 написал: PnL (17 августа 2015 12:53)  
    Garik, за FLAC отдельное спасибо! :)
      #8 написал: kabatskiy (16 сентября 2015 13:31)  
    да, мрак... как будто мне снова 20, и жысть - безформенное гавно :)

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